Bali – the lost eden

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As I left Ngurah Rai hot and humid tropical wind blowed into my face. It was 9pm but Denpasar welcomed with vivid life and traffic, with hundreds of scooters and cars overtaking each other in a chaothic fashion.

But the story did not start here. It started in Budapest, in a thai restaurant, eating Tom Yum and glaring to the map of Thailand. I must go there next year I decided, while trying to eat the last, spiciest drops of the soup.

Few months later I met a friend who visited Bali two years ago and wanted to go back to the lost eden. It was not hard for her to convince me to change direction and book a flight to Bali. So the week after, we arrived to this tropical paradise.


The first place I visited was Ubud – and I spent most of my time there.

It was fascinating. The vivid traffic, people from all around the world, looking for themself, looking for adventure, looking for remedy for their illness or just hanging around with a selfie stick. Thousands of shops filled with local artwork and craftwork, clothes, jewels, gems. Streets full of restaurants and warungs (warung is the indonesian name for restaurant or buffet).

I quickly fell in love with banana pancake and fresh coconut juice.

Ubud is a perfect place to stay and enjoy yourself, going to small trips around, or attending yoga classes.

Yoga Barn was my favorite yoga studio with lots of classes from beginners’ yoga class to vinyasa flow and tibetan bowl meditation.

Padma Accommodation was my fav homestay it has an amazing view to to city and the staff is realy nice there.

Since most people are hindu in Bali, hinduism has the most monuments and temples on the island. There is only one buddhist monastery on the northern part – which I will tell you later..

Tirta Empul

First we went to Tirta Empul near Tampaksiring, the giant water temple, where healing and blessed water is pouring out from the walls. It was an awesome experience, I can highly recommend you too. I am sure, every visitor has a personal, transcendental experience in this holy place.

Tirta Empul – Holy Spring in Balinese – belongs to those holy places in Bali, where the local supernatural forces can be felt stronger than the deities to which the temple is dedicated for. Bali has a rare transcendental atmosphere even without hinduism, religions and temples, it is an enchanted island.


Pura Besakih – the mother temple – is the biggest temple complex on the island. It consists of 23 temples dedicated to different gods and supernatural powers. We were very lucky because we had a very gentle priest for escorting us, who allowed us to meditate in otherwise forbidden places. Well, it is hard to describe those experiences and because they are very personal I encourage you to visit Besakih and experience everything by yourself.

I always had a feeling that hinduism was created by men who met alien beings, in Bali, one can still feel the alien presence in those hindu temples.


I spent a few days in Lovina, it served as a basis for nearby locations, such as Banjar, Gitgit and Sekumpul waterfalls. And naturaly, on an early morning I jumped to a fisher boat to catch the wild dolphins on the open sea. The dolphins near Lovina were not too friendly it was realy hard to get close to them, but the experience was enthralling.

Brahma Vihara Arama – the buddhist monastery

The buddhist monastery in Banjar is very close to Lovina and it was the first place to visit after having refreshed in the hot springs of Banjar. For me, this place had the most peaceful and calmest atmosphere in Bali.The monastery gives place to vipassana meditation retreats on a regular basis. I am always amazed by the  teachings of Buddha with their pureness and simplicity.

Brahma Vihara Arama
Brahma Vihara Arama

The waterfalls

I visited Gitgit first, because it is the must see spot among Bali waterfalls. It is really beautiful, I felt like in the movie Avatar while descending to the valley of the waterfall. The place is surrounded by the vast tropical jungle.

I have heard a lot of nice things about Sekumpul, but when I approached it I was enchanted by the small village in the mountains and the waterfalls nearby it. Sekumpul is still an almost untouched place, there are not as many tourists as on the other places of the island. If someone wants to see genuine balinese people and authentic neighbourhood then Sekumpul is a must see place.

Sekumpul waterfalls
Sekumpul waterfalls

By the way, Tegenungan waterfall is also worth visiting, it is located near Ubud in a village called Tegenungan. If you are brave enough you can swim under the waterfall to experience the power of the water. I tried it naturaly and had a real near-life experience!

The 3 weeks I spent in Bali passed very rapidly, there are a lot of places I had no time to visit. A good cause to schedule a flight there again in the future. I miss Bali and its spiritual and lovely atmosphere, hopefuly I will get back soon.

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