Changing focus

Changing focus

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I heard many times disputing christians, buddhists, hindus, muslims. I heard many times the differences between religions and doctrines. I heard how important these diferences are, because without them all doctrines would fall apart.

And what would we have without them?

We would have love, compassion, selflessness, gratitude, kindness.

No, I am not against religions.

I am just wondering why do we focus on doctrines, differences. Why do we want to understand by mind which is only understandable by the heart? Why do we want to use words to describe the infinite, instead of diving deep into the moment?

Where there is no pain, no regret, no fear, no hatred, no anger.

By changing focus we can become whole part of the blissful moment, we can be part of infinity, we can reunite with the endless ocean of love.

So why do we cling to doctrines? Why do not we change focus and accept who we are?

Maybe we do fear that without all those differences, all those doctrines, we would recognize that we are all one, without boundaries and limits…


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  1. Your article peefrctly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

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