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The Origo, the beginning, where the journey starts


Somewhere in the universe, in a highly insignificant galaxy, on a highly insignificant planet, lives a man similar to you, who belevies that he is highly significant.

Well, it may be a controversary but it is true.

We are all highly significant in a special way. We are a co-author of a book called creation, with our thoughts, our words and our deeds.

But what do we do with our creative power, with our imagination? What do we do with ourseleves and to our fellows?

Do we utilize our capabilities to reach our highest dreams and to be the most helpful to others?

I think the answer is no, still no, but times are changing rapidly.

I invite you to a journey, a journey of no end and no beginning, a journey of self improvement, a journey of self awareness guided by love and wisdom.