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I am watching the recognition with teardrops in my eyes.

Everything is perfect in the way it is,  because I planned everything this way.

It was my decision, I wanted to experience all this.

I wanted to experience that every cause has an effect.

I wanted to learn how to take responsibility for my actions.

It was my decision to jump down without a parachute, to dive into the depths of the deepest oceans where there is no light, to collect myself from thousand torn pieces, then to rise to the highest highs to show the way and to give hope to others.

Yes, I can remember now, I can remember why I came and from where I came. I can remember the endless light and the vast space.

Now all those suffering and self-limitation has a meaning.

I can feel deep gratitude for the actors, who played the good or evil, depending on what I needed.

It’s time now, I set sail.

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