Waves of eternity

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Coming silently from the endless deep blue oceans, running roaring to the coasts. Although they have effects on their environment and each other, they are still part of the endless sea.

Some are rocking, some are wild and powerful but finaly they all reach the coast and melt back to the endless sea.

They never want to become smaller or bigger, to run faster or slower – how could they anyway? They don’t want get frozen, they never attach to any moment. Twisting, twirling, rumbling, accepting the inevitable.

We, humans, are like waves, waves of eternity.

Coming from the endless light, dissolving into the vast emptyness.

So why should we attach? Why should we be selfish? Why would we want to become something else, other than who we are already?

Although we have effects on our environment and each other, we are all part of the endless sea of love and light.

So why not to enjoy running toward the coasts of eternity?

Waves of eternity

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