What is love?

What is love?

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– I don’t know what love is. I do not understand even the word itself. – said the little boy sadly.

– Love? It is you, your core, and love is everything around us. – answered the girl.

– Ok, now I understand it. But I can’t feel it. How can I love someone? – asked the boy and stared at stars on the sky with deep sorrow in his little eyes.

The girl laughed loudly stood up from the bench they sat on and ran away a few steps. Then she stopped, looked back straight into the boy’s black eyes and asked:

– What are you waiting for? Come, take my hand and run with me!

They ran up to the hill, hand in hand and when they got exhausted they stopped, right under the shiny moon watching them silently.

– Love is a connection. And now there is a connection between you and me. You will remember this moment forever and when you recall it, you will feel the warmth in your heart. So can you feel what is love now? – asked the girl as the moon shined on her bright playful eyes.

– Yes, I can feel it now – answered the boy. – And how can I express it? How do you know that I love you?

– Oh it is so easy – laughed the girl. – Whenever you make a connection, pay attention and take care, then she will know that you love her.

– Is it so simple? – grinned the boy. – I feel really awesome! I wish this moment could last forever!

– Oh dear, moments last only for a blink of an eye. Live them, enjoy them, feel them, but never attach to them!

And they sat on the cliff, connected, watching the moonshine twinkling on the waves of the endless sea, under the endless sky, maybe for a few moments, or for a few aeons…