Checklist for lovers

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I spent many years searching for the One. After many years of epxeriencing on myself, after many disappointment and happy ending, I have collected a checklist.

Usually, if you would say no to any of these questions, it may be time to find a new lover.


  1. When you are not together, do you realy miss her/him?
  2. When you are together, do you feel happy, energized, relaxed?
  3. Are you proud of her/him?
  4. Are you amazed by her/him?
  5. Do you have a good and regular sexual life? Is it satisfying?
  6. Can you imagine that she/he will be the mother/father of your children?
  7. Can you imagine yourself together as an old couple?
  8. Does she/he help you, inspire you to reach your goals?
  9. Can she/he help you to become a better person? Is your relationship motivating enough to make you change for the right direction?
  10. Does she/he make your life more colorful and blissful?


I hope you find this checklist useful and it can help you to live a more meaningful and happy life!


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