One fine day

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Does it make a difference if one have one fine day or thousands?

What is more important, the illusory time spent together or the intensity of the feeling?

By the way, what is real? I think everything we experience by ourself, we must accept it as our reality, even when we know, it is just the playfullness of our consciousness.

Usually we do not want to suffer. Usually we try to run away from our feelings.

But when we stay, dwell upon the intense wave of our emotions, even when they are hurting like thousand knifes, magic happens.

Your heart opens up, explodes, life becomes vivid like a fantastic dream. Compassion arrives to your soul. Suddenly you become open to everyone. Open to all those suffering. Your realize that you are one, you are all the same. Same feelings, same desires, same fears, the same love in your heart.

One only need to be brave enough to stay in the pain, sink deep inside the feeling. Then laughter comes, oh my god, how can I feel so much pain?! And how beautiful it is! And then, one can realize, pain is a friend, pain is a gate to compassion.

I wish you all to go through this gate and find real compassion and love.


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