How to open and clean your chakras

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What are chakras?

  • in sanskrit chakra means wheel
  • chakras are mind and energy centers
  • you need your chakras to be balanced and cleaned to live a healthy and harmonious life and to reach enlightment (enlightment is awakening to and recognition of our true self)


Chakra meditation for cleaning and opening the 7 chakras

  1. Root chakra – color: red – blocked by fears. Face your fears!
  2. Sex chakra – color: orange – blocked by guilt. Release all your blame and guilt in you! Forgive yourself!
  3. Solar Plexus chakra – color: yellow – blocked by shame, disappointment. Accept and love all apsects ofwho you are!
  4. Heart chakra – color: green – blocked by grief. Let the pain flow on you!
  5. Throat chakra – color: blue – blocked by lies. Release your denial and the lies you tell yourself! 
  6. 3rd eye chakra – color: purple – blocked by illusion of separation. Realize that we are all one!
  7. Crown chakra – color: white or violet – blocked by earthly attachments. Release all your earthly attachments!


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